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New Software titles for the following Personal Computers.
Current Projects:
- Atari 8 Bit -
Centron 3D
- RetroPC1010 -
- Atari Falcon030 -
[ Frozen. ]
[ In developement. ] [ In developement. ]
To UNFREEZE Centron 3D for Atari 8-Bit, send us an email. As soon as we get 100 emails Centron 3D for Atari 8-bit will be released. Pete - CEO.
New 2017 ver for Commodore Amiga.
- Commodore Amiga -
Centron 3D
[ Completed. ]
Welcome to RPC-Games! Centron 3D is finally finished. Please go to the Commodore Amiga - Centron 3D
link to check out all the playable levels, plus check out the YouTube Videos. Video 9 is a short video
of ALL 23 levels so check it out and let us know what ya think.
Oh, and a big THANK YOU to all of you who's supported us with the Centron 3D project.
You guys and gals are the best ! Thank you.
Pete - CEO.
* * * New 2017 Ver Centron 3D for Amiga is now available. Click on the Amiga link. * * *
Screen shot using the Amigas 4096 Colour Mode.
Centron 3D 2017 ver now comes in NEW packaging. Check it out on the Amiga Centron 3D page.
RetroPC1010 Personal Computer Gaming System.
We can't wait to start developing games and programs for the NEW RetroPC1010 Personal Computer
Gaming System once it's launched.
What we plan on doing is to introduce classic retro games to the RetroPC1010 like, Elevator Action
River Patrol, Galaxian, Moon Patrol, Battle Zone, Bezerk, Time Pilot, Defender, Missile Command,
Phoenix, Rally X, Frogger, Galaga, Lady Bug, Pleads, Venture, Burger Time, Dig Dug, Gyruss,
Juno First, Pole Position and my favourite, Sea Fighter Poseidon just to name a few :)
People all over the world have also mentioned that they'll be developing classic games for the
RetroPC1010 as well, so expect a huge range of new software to be released.
More info on the RetroPC1010 Personal Computer Gaming System is here
RetroPC1010 Personal Computer Gaming System
powered by MoveOS2.1, in developement and coming soon...
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