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Centron 3D for Commodore Amiga.

Commodore Amiga 500
Commodore Amiga 600HD

* * * Centron 3D updated ver for Amiga is now available for purchase. * * *
See BELOW for new packaging and floppy disks.
$10.00 AUD. PAL Ver. + $12.00 Postage.
YouTube Videos:

Click on the links below to view the YouTube Videos.

Vid 01: Intro + Music. YouTube Video1.
Vid 02: Intro, Music + Credits. YouTube Video2.

Vid 03: Intro, Music, Credits + Instructions screen. YouTube Video3.
Vid 04: Level 1 gameplay with collision detection off. YouTube Video4.
Vid 05: Level 1 gameplay + collision with mines & alien ship + anim. YouTube Video5.
Vid 06: Level 1 Collision detecting including SoundFX. YouTube Video6.
Vid 07: Amiga1200 Test with 68030 / 40Mhz at FULL SPEED. Delays OFF. YouTube Video7.
- It's just TOOOOOOO FAST ! hehehehe :)
Vid 08: Amiga1200 Test with scoring and men updates completed + Top Title. YouTube Video8.

Vid 09: Amiga1200 Test. Short gameplay of ALL 23 LEVELS. YouTube Video9.

We'll be updating this webpage as we progress.

If you need to ask any questions, please email us.

Beta tested:
Tested all stages on the Amiga 500 v1.3, 600HD & 1200HD and all is working.
No bugs have shown up. Hahaha, Steve kept running over the mines and destroying
his Centron buggy. hahahaha. Good one Steve ! E for EFFORT ! :)

Centron3D compatibility and minimum requirements:
Amiga 500 - 1MB Ram
Amiga 600HD - 2MB Chip Ram. Harddisk installable.
Amiga 1200HD - 2MB Chip Ram. Harddisk installable.


Centron 3D Intro pic. 4096 colour HAM mode.
320 x 256 x 4096 non-interlaced.
Centron 3D - Instructions
Centron3D Level Screen Shots - Amiga 500.
Centron3D Level 1
Centron3D Level 2
Centron3D Level 3
Centron3D Level 4
Centron3D Level 5
Centron3D Level 6
Centron3D Level 7
Centron3D Level 8
Centron3D Level 9
Centron3D Level 10
Centron3D Level 11
Centron3D Level 12
Centron3D Level 13
Centron3D Level 14
Centron3D Level 15
Centron3D Level 16
Centron3D Level 17
Centron3D Level 18
Centron3D Level 19
Centron3D Level 20
Centron3D Level 21
Centron3D Level 22
Centron3D Level 23
*** NEW  Centron3D for Amiga now comes boxed in it's own case. Includes 2x 800k Floppy Diskettes.
$10.00 AUD. PAL Ver. + $12.00 Postage and packaging.
For orders, please email us.
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