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Centron 3D for Atari 8 Bit.
Welcome to Centron 3D, a brand new and exciting game for the Atari 8 bit home computers of the 1980's.
Their are still thousands of Atari users in the world today that still own and use their Atari 8 bit computers
and we at RPC-Games decided to produce a new and exciting game for the Atari 8 bit home computer.
We wanted to introduce a brand new game with a new colour graphics mode, and we did. So, if you have
an Atari 8-bit home computer stored away in your home, time to get it out of storage, power it up and..........
........ it's time to play
YouTube Videos:
CMODE72: Picture test.
CMODE72: Software Sprite test
CMODE72: Intro RPC Games dancing girl anim.
Atari 130XE - 256 Colours,4 Sound Channels, 128k Ram.
Game Stats:
Welcome Centron ! So, you want to play a game? Hmmm ! O.K. 
De-Rez as many coloured sphere's as you can with your De-Rezonizer before your timer reaches 00.
Avoid obstacles, mines and enemy ships as they have been programmed to destroy you. You have 23 levels of
KAOS, madness, full colour graphics, 4 Channel Sound FX and extream excitment. Can you make it through all
23 levels? Hahahahaha, We shall see !

Game Info:
RPC-Games has developed their own new Graphics mode for the Atari 8-Bit computer called CMODE72.
With clever computer programming of the Atari's display coprocessor hardware, CMODE72 allows 72 colours on
screen at once and with todays LCD TV's the display is stable and flicker free.
See the pics below of all Centron 3D levels.
CMODE72 Colour Palette
Computer Requirements: Atari 800XL (64k) or Atari 130XE (128k) with a 1050 Dual Density or XF551 Disk Drive. LCD TV or PC Capture Card.
Emulators: We have tested Centron 3D on Atari Emulators and found that the colour palette and hardware timing is not 100% accurate, so we won't be supporting
emulators, yet Centron 3D should run on them.

Beta Tested: Centron 3D has been beta tested on real unexpanded hardware. Tested on both Atari 800XL and Atari 130XE with 1050 and XF551 Floppy Disk drives.

Quick, play the jingle..... "Have you played Atari today !" :)
Centron 3D Screen Shots
Centron 3D Boot Menu + Info
RPC-Games! Logo
Centron 3D Intro 1
Centron 3D Intro 2
Centron 3D Intro 3 & More
Centron 3D End of Level Dancers
Centron 3D Level 1
Centron 3D Level 2
Centron 3D Level 3
Centron 3D Level 4
Centron 3D Level 5
Centron 3D Level 6
Centron 3D Level 9
Centron 3D Level 7
Centron 3D Level 8
Centron 3D Level 12
Centron 3D Level 10
Centron 3D Level 11
Centron 3D Level 13
Centron 3D Level 14
Centron 3D Level 15
Centron 3D Level 18
Centron 3D Level 17
Centron 3D Level 16
Centron 3D Level 19
Centron 3D Level 20
Centron 3D Level 21
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Centron 3D Level 22
Centron 3D Level 23